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Precision Hub’s revenue cycle management services that include revenue cycle management services, medical claims processing, medical claims management, medical claim management, medical billing claims submission, medical claim denial management have helped our clients get a 95% First Time Pass Rate (FTPR) and nearly double-digit growth in collections’ growth rate. We offer comprehensive solutions to emerging and established healthcare practices, including medical claims processing and billing and coding services.

We believe in transparency, timeliness, continuous improvement and attention to detail. Our medical billing and coding specialists have years of experience, making the claims management cycle shorter, faster, and less cumbersome. We cover the entire process, from submission to medical billing claims, charge entry, and payment posting to denial management and collections.

Medical Back Office Service Suite

Demographic Entry

No oversights, speedy processes. That's how our medical billing and coding specialist completes prompt, error-free demographic data entry into Precision Hub's billing software.

CPT/ICD Code Review

Reduce iterations. Get it right the first time. Our medical claims processing team closely reviews CPD/ICD codes in line with insurance guidelines, with a 98% quality benchmark.

Medical Billing Claims Submission

Quick submissions and big collections with a 48-hour submission target. The medical billing claims submission team reviews claims and conducts reverifications against acceptance reports.

Receivables Follow-up

Timely collections, every time.95% FTPR and consistent follow-ups within 15 days and timely retrieval by our medical claims management team minimizes ageing receivables.

Claims Denial Management

Claims denials, down to zero. Enjoy a 95% claims acceptance rate, and less than 2% errors, thanks to prompt re-submission (48 hours) and BI reporting.

Claims Validation

The shortest payor to paycheck cycle. Excellent collection rates, minimal appeals and conflict, all made possible with Precision Hub's strong medical claims management process.

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