Precision Hub - ICD-10 Certified
Medical Billing Services Company

We help increase your profitability through the employment of advanced analytics, not only that you are enabled to make smarter business decisions but with streamlined processes developed by Precision Hub's medical billing and consulting services, your operations run more smooth and flawless.

Our medical consultants understand the operations of your business and its day-to-day activities. We ensure that the efficiency of workflow is improved, and your life is made easier through the use of technologically advanced system that eases the process of managing and tracking patient data.

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Precision Hub - We manage your processes to create time for you to spend it on the activities that you would rather prefer to do.

Having over a decade of experience with in the medical and financial industry, we ensure maximum satisfaction to all our clients through unprecedented benefits and workable strategies that improve the efficacy of work and business ingenuity.

Our extensive time with in the industry has empowered us to understand every need that medical practices have, hence providing them an effective solution enabling them to completely relieve themselves of all the hassles of doing front and back end processes and letting us handle the groundwork so you can focus solely on providing the healthcare needs of your patients or use this time that you save with your family or, on the golf course or on a cruise to the Caribbean's.

Complete Systems Integration

Precision Hub's Revenue Cycle Management, includes access to our web-based practice management system. All our systems are fully integrated including billing and auditing systems. Which helps you get the business-critical information about your practice on your fingertips

Precision Hub -
Integrated Systems Enables You To

  • Claim Submission and follow-ups

  • Tri-layered claim processing

  • Fully updated system

  • End to end claim processing

  • 24/7 assistance

  • Payment Management

  • A dedicated team of account managers and supporting staff

  • Daily, monthly and annual financial reports

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Real Time Reporting

Our systems include business intelligence tools that keep you connected to the transactions your practices incur on a daily and monthly base. By graphically demonstrating all inbound and outbound activities that your business goes through which includes;

- Individual Analysis

- Claim Reporting

- Daily Activities

- Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

Precision Hub - Continually updated rules-based services