Precision Hub

Precision Hub, the go-to partner for clinics seeking efficiency, cost-reduction and improved revenues.

With 360 degree coverage over front-office, back-office, F&A and RCM consulting services, Precision Hub is the preferred service partner of leading clinics and healthcare practitioners across America.

  • Claims Management

  • Credentialing Services

  • ClinicOps Intelligence

  • Practice F&A Advisory

  • Receivables Optimization

  • Denials Reduction

  • Scheduling Analysis

  • QA/QC & Compliance

Precision Hub manages the administrative aspects of clinics so that healthcare practitioners can focus on improved patient centered care.

Appointment Analysis

Patient engagement always takes front seat with Precision Hub. Our high-visibility, proactive appointment techniques maintain focus, trust and dedicated care in every patient provider relationship.

Schedule Management

We're a step above routine scheduling. Precision Hub takes a data-driven approach towards scheduling. We report on schedule category, frequency, clinic traffic density and more.

Trend Analysis

Precision Hub's analysis reports on all areas of clinic revenue operations-from medical credentialing, medical billing, validation, claims management, denial rates and others.

  • Strategic Efficiencies

    Precision Hub promises long-term cost reduction, revenue enhancement and profitability.

  • ClinicOps Intelligence

    Dashboards and reports to provide practice managers and HCPs full visibility into each aspect of clinic front office and back office operations.

  • Clinics and private healthcare practitioners praise Precision Hub's quality standards, its rigorous adherence to stringent validation, QA and QC standards and best-in-class metrics.

  • Compliance

    Precision Hub is in compliance with all applicable regulatory and industry standards, including HIPAA, Six Sigma and numerous data protection, patient privacy and information security provisions.

  • Closed Loop Processes

    With responsiveness, consistency, regular follow-ups and updates, the Precision Hub team provides timely addressal and closure on all open items.

Data Driven Reporting

Precision Hub leaves nothing to estimates. Records from all front-office and back-office operations are regularly collected, validated and analyzed to identify process bottlenecks and areas of improvement. Our proactive, rigorous approach results in long-term efficiencies for clinics and HCPs.

Bookkeeping & Taxation - Monily

Practitioners have extremely busy schedules, our financial advices for taxation and the management of our books are handled by Monily, a state of the art Bookkeeping and taxation virtual firm that does it all.

Healthcare Industry Expertise

Precision Hub has teams dedicated to components of the healthcare finance industry. From insurance experts, QC executives, to medical billing specialists, we have been contributing expertise and experience in the industry for well over a decade.

Clinic F&A Services

Our revenue cycle management services include finance and accounting advisory services that help clinics achieve more profitability. With better medical billing services and improved back-office operations, we help clinics incur fewer expenses and become more profitable.