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80% Reduction in Claims Denials

Medical billing services that elevate your practice

Why Choose Us for Medical Billing Services?

Our medical billing professionals can help you unburden your practice and enhance revenue. We have been exploring this industry for over 10 years and have developed a trustworthy reputation for offering professional medical billing solutions to healthcare providers. We 100% give you clean claims and minimize denials through vigilant coding and submission.
Our professional team tirelessly manages the entire revenue cycle, which maximizes collections and keeps your cash flow flowing. Choose Precision Hub as your medical billing service provider and let Precision Hub handle the complexities of medical billing.

Optimize Your Practice with Our Precision Hub Medical Billing Services

Precision Hub offers a full package of medical billing services to improve and optimize your revenue cycle and smooth your cash flow.
Our professionals possess years of experience in handling every step of the process. We give you 99.9% accurate claim submissions, maximized collections, and minimized denials.

Front Office

Precision Hub helps in handling appointment scheduling, patient registration, insurance checks, and customer support. Our professional team communicates clearly with every client to ensure their peace of mind. This allows healthcare providers to focus on delivering top-notch care.

Back Office

Our medical back-office service specializes in managing administrative tasks such as medical billing, coding, claims processing, accounts receivable, and compliance. With our expertise, we minimize mistakes, expedite payments, and ensure a stable revenue management cycle for your practice.


You can simplify your credentialing process with our top-rated services. We handle all paperwork and ensure timely submission of applications to respective insurers for enrollment.

Medical Coding and Billing Compliance Audit

Our medical billing company analyses detailed coding and compliance audits, which identify and rectify discrepancies. It is necessary for regular practice and stuck on it because it reduces risk and optimizes reimbursement rates.

Medical Billing

As a top medical billing company, we streamline your revenue cycle and give a 99% success ratio with precision hub complete RCM services to streamline healthcare billing processes with error-free claim submission. It also maximizes your practice’s financial health.

Medical Coding

Our precise medical coding services enhance accuracy, compliance, and revenue cycle management. It ensures that exact CPT and ICD 10 coding are performed according to AMA and CMS guidelines for your optimum practice.

Medical Billing

Medical Coding


Medical coding and Billing Compliance Audit

Front Office

Back office

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Helping physician groups to stay profitable! Our medical billing services can optimize your revenue cycle and improve your financial health.
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Client Testimonials

Dr. Annie Agha
Dr. Annie Agha
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We've benefitted from PH services in many ways, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Their solutions free up our time from chasing claims, investigating copay delays and the like. It's clinic revenue management at its best!
Adel A Zakhary
Adel A Zakhary
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Precision Hub has made a significant contribution to our bottom line. We experienced better cashflows when our accounts receivables cycle improved, thanks to regular follow-ups from the Precision Hub team.
David Brooks
David Brooks
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It gives me immense pleasure to express my satisfaction and fulfillment over the services provided by PH. I highly appreciate the professional approach adapted by PH in delivering state of the art Medical Billing services.

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