Optimizing Practice Performance

Back Office

Greater Efficiency. Higher Profit.

Increase revenue by optimizing processes

Precision Hub offers front and back office consulting services to help clinics maximize their value and revenue. Our medical billing consultants combine healthcare finance with business acumen, benchmarking techniques and design thinking to minimize aging receivables and other obstructions to your practice’s financial health. With reporting, documentation control and other structures, they drive better decisions to improve clinic profitability.

Management consulting services for healthcare

At Precision Hub, we offer holistic medical practice management consultancy services that include medical billing consulting services and healthcare coding and consulting services to help healthcare practices sustain their profitability. Our specialists create operational efficiencies, address operational contingencies and implement operational SOPs to promote long-term growth.

Our medical billing consultants examine clinic operations and conduct root cause analysis to resolve incidental issues. Some of these may be tactical (such as patient no-shows, resolved by optimizing practice calendars and scheduling techniques). Others involve complexities related to insurance billing, payor mix analysis, practice setup, credentialing, re-credentialing, CPT code review and ERP integration.

Our medical coding consultant and our medical practice management consultant identifies your business challenges and conduct a thorough periodic process review using BI and reporting toolkits to help you make timely, safer decisions, reduce the total cost of operations and add returns on the process quality.

Consulting Services

Implement efficient processes at your healthcare practice

We help you make quicker and more accurate administrative decisions. Our medical practice management consultants address all strategic facility concerns, like community demography, dominant local healthcare trends, State stipulations, legal obligations and rent information so you can focus on improved patient care.

Complete practice set-up consulting services that deliver bottom-line value

48 business hours < eligibility/benefits verification

24 business hours < payment posting after ERA receipt

98% quality threshold for billing and payment posting

95% first time pass ratio (FTPR)

24 business hours < claim rejection verification

15 business days < claim follow up

6% claims denial rate ratio

2% (maximum) error rate tolerance (CERT)

Consulting Services

BI Tools And Analytics

Precision Hub’s medical billing consultants produce customized reports and user-friendly dashboards to monitor and improve each stage of front and back office functions. Clients can experience the benefits of our compelling data visualization and storytelling tools to bring data to life and find a unique, connecting story behind the numbers. They can select from over a dozen standard reports with the added option of ad hoc and customized report generation.

Healthcare benchmarking to continually improve clinic performance.

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