Denial Management

Denial Management

Rejection management and medical billing denial management are sometimes confused. Rejected Claims are those that, due to errors, was not submitted to the payer’s adjudication system. These claims must be corrected by the billers and resubmitted. On the other hand, denied claims are those for which a payer has decided and rejected the payment.

The team of professionals at Precision Hub is committed to paying close attention to minor details while investigating the root cause for every denied claim. They identify and focus on resolving these issues in medical billing denial management. After careful assessment, our team of experts resubmits the claim request to the insurance company and files appeals where necessary.

We are aware that denial management in healthcare differs from situation to situation. We amend erroneous or invalid medical codes, offer supporting clinical evidence, challenge prior authorization denials, and comprehend legitimate denial situations so patients can take responsibility and follow up successfully. All clinical data is re-validated before being submitted again.

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